Damn my inabilities!

Well, CD2 arrived, nicely timed for a visit to the docs for a blood test without disrupting my trip put of town with Visitor.

Good news- I am all hormoned up and ready to go again.

Bad news; it is April 7th and last month’s IVF bills I put on the credit card came through yesterday. Two problems with that; the day my credit card is deducted from my account doesn’t seem to stay the same. I don’t use it much, but the last time I had a large bill I had prepared myself for a deduction on the 7th and it didn’t come for another month. This time it came right on time and also I had changed my plan when paying apparently. The plan was to pay half the bills on the debit card and half on the credit card. I knew it would be tight this month but thought i knew how much I’d have left. Unfortunately the cause of my dire financial situation this month is my own terrible addition / concentration / memory. Apparently after one of the expensive treatments I put all the cost on the credit card. Maybe I was in a fug…?

So, like I say it is April the 7th and I am all cleaned out. A is really really annoyed with me- questioning my life skills and whether she wants to share her life with someone so inept. I don’t blame her. I love her so much and I feel I have let her down.


How could I organise my child when I cannot seem to organise myself because I can’t remember anything?



  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself–bank accounts are fickle. I do that all the time–expect that something has come out because it’s been x amount of time only to find out that they deposit it the next day or something. Frustrating.

    1. Thanks! I thought i had earned how to balance my books!IVF isn;t very considerate in that respect… I need another income! Any ideas? 🙂

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