A lovely break ^_^

Just got back from fabulous, tropical Kanchanaburi – such a lovely place
And so close to Bangkok. Visitor and I were both entertained and invigorated by the clean air, tropical forests and sobering WWII history. We made a cute kitten friend:


Rescued a lizard from its kitten-like clutches:


And did a whole bunch of other stuff. Even though it was my third visit, l loved the guesthouse, the waterfall and just the general breathtaking scenery of Burma’s (myanmar’s) nearby mountain ranges.

I have almost not thought about the baby project at all. I have had a beer and a few coffees. I have been taking my oestrogen mini-pill and wearing a very unobtrusive patch, along with folic acid- that’s it. My period is almost over and my body is kind of returning to normal (but kind of chubby). Will need to rectify that after Visitor is gone.

Though I missed my darling A terribly, I have really really enjoyed spending time with Visitor. There are few friends who’ve known me as long (in fact, only her sister, I think) and we have both talked freely about some things we otherwise keep private. We haven’t spent so much time together since we all left home (they are family friends) and I’m really glad we have had this chance to do so.

A positive post! Yay!

Take care all.



  1. Happy you had a good weekend!

    1. So am I, lol! Thanks – hope you guys did, too!

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