Songkran and Oestrogen

Visitor has gone off to the airport, A is at work and I am feeling a bit deflated. I can’t express how lovely it was to have Visitor here. I don’t really have any close relatives at all, let alone of my own age, so Visitor and her sister are the closest I have really ( I have known her since she was born). Since we all grew up and left home, we haven’t seen each other so much, but I hope that will change. We had the best time this week.

Regarding ttc, I am now dosing up on oestrogen to allow my lining to mature for egg transfer. Boring…..

However, there is another *AMAZING* songkran waterfight scheduled for us after A’s work today.

Songkran is SO cool. Please understand that in an otherwise reserved and conservative country, this is when everyone lets all their inhbitions go! Everyone chucks iced water over each other, smears white paste as a greeting and really, it is literally a 3 day water fight, every year in April. This is my 3rd experience of songkran and I still love it! We went to play on Friday, and going again later!

Click below for a video from Silom (central Bangkok) this weekend (I take no credit for this photo or Youtube vid)



  1. Sounds like loads of fun!! Round about when will your transfer be?

    1. Monday or Tuesday……. I am really worried as it could end up being the last one if my eggs don’t thaw well >.<

      1. Keep the faith my friend! I am holding everything crossed

      2. Don’t stress to much my friend, I believe that you and your amazing A will be parents.

      3. Thank you, I hope so! 🙂

  2. Sam Hill · · Reply

    Course you will be! And very very good ones. And in years to come you’ll barely even remember this and how difficult it was. Hang on in there – you’ll get there!

    1. ….. if it doesn’t work this time we have to look again seriously at a second IVF cycle or give up… >.<

  3. forget about the what if’s and only focus on now!

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