Half way through the hottest 2WW ever

Just spent a great afternoon in the park (in the 40+degrees Celsius heat, after a full day’s work ) with the homeless kids and I am feeling pretty positive about everything, except that I have no symptoms whatsoever except weight gain. And boobs like balloons. And exhaustion. Ok, so a few symptoms, but I can’t really put any of them down to anything beyond the drugs and the heat. The HEAT. I mean, Thailand is hot, but not like this. It is 32Degrees Celsius (sorry my American friends, I never got to grips with Fahrenheit) at 11.30pm. All our pet fish boiled. Our school geography students measured 51Degrees Celsius in the sun (38 in the shade) on Friday. And this is the third week. Anyway I am definitely over stressing about the poo restraint.

Three fabulous developments though —

Number 1:

My friend has given me an exercise bike (well, it is to be swapped with my keyboard). This should allow me to exercise;

  • without dying from heat exhaustion,
  • without hurting my injured calf
  • without jiggling my hormone-engorged boobs,
  • while reading my book or watching TV

Number 2:

I have a chance (ok, so along with millions of others, but it is still exciting!) to sell some of my iphone shots. I need your help here though! Please follow the URL and request my ‘gallery opening’ –>;; HERE!!! <;;– or by clicking the picture below! Thanks!


Number 3:

We finally finished changing the classroom around and the kids built a rainforest today! It doesn’t get better than that!!

Love to all!



  1. Balloon boobs are such a good sign!!!!

    1. Ooooh, thanks! They are not the worst they’ve ever been so I don’t know if I’m imagining it… I don’t feel like I know much any more… O_o xxx

  2. 32 deg cel is hot, 38 is madness! In SA we are almost mid winter and tomorrows temp is predicted at 32.

    Hope you manage to keep your sanity for the 2nd half.

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