Vietnam Visa

Hey everyone,

So here is where we are now:

A needs a ‘Certificate of No Impediment’ (CNI)  which requires two witnesses. I thought this a very odd requirement, because unlike wedding witnesses, the witnesses cannot possibly ‘witness’ A’s singledom. So she had planned to organise that this Friday, but we will have to wait a little until witnesses are organised.

I dropped off my Vietnamese Visa app this afternoon, and it will be ready by Monday. It was 1800 baht (around 36UK pounds / 45US dollars (don’t quote me on the dollars)).

We have found out answers to all our Qs and we will spend 8 nights in Vietnam. Hanoi sounds really cool, but today I have been reading about Hoi An. The two places are not very close together so internal flights might be necessary.

So this is the plan: Arrive on ‘day 1’ (Sunday), We need to stay 7 clear days and on the 7th day (actually day 8)  we can make a Notice of Civil Partnership. We don’t need to book and can come for the service anytime during our opening hours from 8.30-11.45. Our planned date isn’t a National Holiday (yay!). After giving notice, the notice is public for 14 days. if no one objects then the embassy contact us and we decide on a date.

The fees:  On the day we come to the Embassy the 1st time to lodge our Notice, we will pay fee No. 10 VND 2,275,00 if pay by cash or US$107 if pay by Visa/Master card. On the day we come back for the registration, we will need to pay 2 fees: No. 12 (registration fee VND 4,900,00 or US$ 231) and No. 18 (certificate fee for each certificate VND 2,275,000 or US$107).

 There are no dates unavailable so far in the window I have before school’s summer break ends.

 The other general questions I asked were:

  • Can you provide witnesses for a fee? No, sorry!
  • When will we receive the certificate? On the same day
  • Do I need to bring my birth certificate? We don’t request for birth certificate. To take your Notice & Declaration, we will need to see your both passports; evidence that you are free to enter into the CP if applicable (e.g. divorce cert.) and a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) from the relevant Thai local authority to confirm that your partner is not married. This CNI needs to be translated into English and legalised by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs before we can accept.
  • Are the Visa stamps enough to prove our 7 full days residency in Vietnam? The visa stamp is enough.
  • Do you understand why the British Embassy in Thailand doesn’t provide this service? Because the Thai Government object to civil partnership registration in the British Embassy/Consulate in Thailand. The Vietnamese Government doesn’t object to civil partnership registration in the British Embassy but objects to registration with a BN and Vietnam national

So there we are!

We plan to book the flights later this evening, and reserve a room at a little place a friend recommended.

This is not my image.

Very excited. The more I read about Vietnam, the more interested I become! What an exciting place to get married. 🙂


We also discovered that one of the other Asian UK embassies that carries out the CP is the one in Manila, Philippines – also pretty awesome, right?!


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