Relentless Nausea

I know I am not supposed to moan, but sweet Jesus, ‘Morning’ sickness SUCKS.

Every time I eat, I feel sick. There isn’t any relief because I never actually am sick.

I just start to feel better again and then I am hungry, and have to eat again. I have only gagged twice – once when A made a particularly stinky smell, and another time when I was travelling past Bangkok fish market.

I know it is exactly what I wanted, and is probably a good sign and so I should shut the hell up, but it has been 3 days or so now and I have to work and not tell anyone…. I hope it passes soon!

Hoping and praying that all you other ladies ttc get your BFPs this cycle!

xx R



  1. Hope it gets better soon.

    1. thank you. When is your appointment?

      1. My next ultrasound is on Wednesday and then they start every other day until my egg retrieval on June 1st.

      2. Not long to go now! Very exciting! Xz

  2. Oh honey…I know exactly what you are going through! My best advice to you would be to eat, eat, eat! I finally figured out that if I ate something every 2 to 3 hours that the nausea wasn’t that bad…But if I did miss eating something and went several hours without food it was BAD! The good news is that at the end of my 12th week the nausea went away…I know pregnancy is different for everyone but I hope its goes that way for you too! Hang in there! Nausea, cramps, sore boobs….ALL GOOD SIGNS!!! : )

  3. Everybody says keep your tummy full then you will feel less sick. Hope it does not last too long

  4. I’m with MrsT. If I didn’t eat something every few hours…even a handful of almonds…I got so sick. I only threw up a few times, but I stayed nauseous for the entire 1st trimester. Then it just magically vanished in week 13 – like someone switched off a light. Try ginger candies. They sound gross, but they helped me a great deal. So excited for you!

  5. Just heard of your great news!!! I didn’t even know you were blogging about the entire experience until last month when A sent me the link. CONGRATS!!!
    I’m sorry it took so long–the ups and downs and TWW’s are mind blowing–but I hope you have a successful pregnancy from here on out. The first three months are the hardest especially with the heat and smells of Bangkok. I, too, had incredible nausea and had to eat very small things every couple of hours. I craved lemonade. Mmmm, get some of that sweet fresh orange juice with salt–that sounds yummy.
    Doc is right about the bike, it’s not a good thing for you right now. Walking and swimming, prenatal yoga and modified prenatal pilates will be your best exercises.
    Really exciting news and can’t wait to hear if you’ve got twins in there!!

    1. Thank you for the advice about the exercise… I really need to get myself into action!!

  6. And um, OMG. Just heard. Congrats!!

  7. Thanks for reading – I know it must have been a lot, and from looking through your blog, I know it can be a bit fiddly trying to read a long blog in time order as it is all laid out backwards. I am about to update the blog after yesterday’s visit to the Dr, so stay tuned!

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