Week 7

Doc wanted to do anther scan as he hadn’t seen for himself. I wasn’t going to argue. The fruits are now both about 1cm in length and looking strong! It was really amazing how much bigger they looked and how much stronger the heartbeats were. Absolutely amazing. I took a video too but don’t know how to upload it.!

Next scan in two weeks at week 9.




  1. Awesome, stunning and just amazing xxx

    1. Thanks Alleycat!

  2. so great to see! so happy that things are going well for you.. looking forward to future updates!

    1. Thank you. Next scan in two weeks. It is getting really hard to keep it in now..! Want to tell everyone!

  3. wow! that’s great! How are you feeling about having twins? a month ago you were not sure you were ever going to have kids and now you are going to have 2 at the same time! I think it’s great! It’s a present for you and your partner and you are both going to be great mums!

    I was wondering is your friend that got the positive beta with you going to have twins as well?

    1. I do feel sure that we will be good mums. I can’t wait – my partner is a strong, and infinitely kind woman 🙂 It does seem mad that there will be two. I am having the odd freak-out about it but seeing as I would have hoped for two eventually anyway, it cuts a corner in a way.
      My friend at the clinic? She got triplets, but at the moment it is looking more likely to be two successful implantations.
      We are all happy! 🙂

  4. thebings · · Reply

    Wow, it’s so amazing to see! How are you feeling now?

    1. Hi – thanks! It is incredible to see. I was really amazed at how much had changed in a mere week. How are you doing?

  5. WOW what a pic! Congrats again Roxx.

    1. Thanks 🙂

  6. Congratulations! I must have missed something. (I’m behind on visits…). This is wonderful, wonderful news! The picture is fantastic!

    1. Thank you!! Feeling pretty terrible due to hormones but it will pass. 🙂

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