Week 8 (or “I can’t believe it!”)

Gosh. I am very tired and a little bit sad about feeling constantly unwell. My darling A is really helping but it is almost 8pm on my day off and I am completely destroyed. My ute is aching slightly and my head is aching a lot, my food won’t go down and i feel like I am going to chuck it up (only I never ever do). I know I need to eat something else before bed but that biscuit just won’t shift- I still feel like I ate it five minutes ago.

Today we spent a couple of hours looking around the new Ikea and cooing over baby beds and cute cuddly toys. To be honest, we cooed over just about everything and thought ahead happily to a time when we’ll have our own haven to fill with these lovely wardrobes and cushions. We only actually bought kitchenware and other small-ticket household items. Superchef A was very very happy! It was fun!

Anyway, I’m not kidding you, that was more than enough to set me off for a couple of hours sleep as soon as we got home. I can’t believe it- the tiredness is like a sledgehammer.
I also can’t believe how little I can stomach. This morning I ‘ate’ a smoothie (pineapple, mango and passion fruit); a wholewheat bagel with ham and cheese; sampled a few broken biscuits in the food section at the swedish emporium; then back at home I ate 2 slices of pizza and one digestive biscuit. And slept.

This is the girl who usually never stops bouncing about, is always thinking about food, LOVES food…. Can eat 8 slices of a good pizza after a good run (running, what’s that?). This is the girl who before ttc could get by on 6hours sleep, work two jobs (full-time teaching and work in a cocktail bar), work on a singing project late on other nights and a social life on others, and work out almost every day. I knew my life would change forever, but I didn’t consider this part! I can’t believe it!

We are looking into the possibilities for the delivery venue. Our doc performs deliveries in three hospitals. We have decided we want him to do it, because it is just lovely to have the man who made the babies to also get them out of me. He knows us and our situation and has always treated us with the utmost respect.

So. Price till June this year : 46900 baht for 4days and three nights (cesarian birth) (that is about £1000) or 32000 for a natural birth (about £640) at the hospital we are probably going to choose. We don’t want to pay for a fanfare and ribbons, but I think it is the cheapest we are going to get if we want our doc to do it. That isn’t a lot more than I was expecting so there’s something in this post that I can believe!

Scratch that: I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! A did some digging and it looks quite likely that for twins, they literally double-price you! If that is the case I might put in a special case to my school (they say we can always do that if we find ourselves screwed by a medical bill). I think it sucks that births are not covered by our insurance. Or we could go with a public hospital where the fees are lower but they aren’t our doctor.

Good night all. May I wish that all of you still ttc or 2WW-ing soon can share in these unpleasantries. Fingers crossed for all of you xxxx
R and A



  1. veetamia · · Reply

    Hope you feel better soon!! Can’t believe there’s an Ikea over there, here in Hamburg there’s 2 and one in the way! And I am in love ja,ja Sending hugs!

    1. Yeah, Ikea really is great.! Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  2. Oh, you sound very much like me at 8 weeks! So, so, so very tired. It does pass–at least for most–right at the 2nd trimester. I suddenly had a lot of energy and could eat more. This is the time for just doing what is necessary and resting up. After 12-14 weeks, you can get cracking on the to-do list. The BKK heat cannot help matters, I’m sure. Hang in there….just a month to go before you should feel a little bit back to normal. Or at least, your new normal!

    1. Thanks! I am actually feeling quite awake right now but feeling very sorry for A who must be totally bored by me- I am such crap company xxx

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I am also still struggling with the tiredness and I also feel so guilty towards DH but what can we do?? No matter how hard I try I cannot stay awake

    1. I am sure DH is being lovely about it all! Sleep well 🙂

  4. Your blog is wonderful!! I was up all night and saw you commented on my blog. I read your entire blog last night! Great blog and congrats!!! What a wonderful journey! I hope we are soon where you are at! 🙂

    1. Thank you! What a great compliment! I am happy you enjoyed reading and hope it was interesting. I know I love keeping up with everyone’s stories and experiences too. 🙂

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