Jelly babies

I get a little confused about the passing of time, because as soon as you’ve hit a number of weeks, you are in the new one. If I know that I’ll hit 12 weeks on tues July 3rd, then counting back, I am 9 weeks but I’m in week 10.

So, this tues (the 9 weeks day) we had scan #3. The change is simply astounding. I read that they would have limb buds and ‘look human’ by now, but they actually do. They are so much bigger on the screen. Actually they look like jelly babies. They are both close to 2cm in length (the size for 8wks 6 days), with normal heart rates. My tummy is causing me some trouble in my work trousers, although I was a good couple of kilos lighter than I had been expecting when I was weighed.

One book on multiple pregnancies I’m reading kind of says I must pig out to the max now, because a leading cause of early delivery of twins is the mother not gaining enough weight. My doc says that I don’t need to worry that i’m not gaining weight because they are really small at the mo. The book says that with twins or triplets you should actively eat to gain weight in the first trimester because after that, pretty much you’ll find your eating capacity significantly limited by your rapidly growing baby payload. I think I want to go with the ‘eat loads’ idea, but apart from the random odd day, I feel too nauseous. And, contrary to how it’s supposed to be, eating doesn’t relieve my nausea, it makes me feel sick. I have been doggedly making the 40 min walk home to get myself moving… That has to help the nausea-making food get moving too. I think it helps.

I took a sick day on Tuesday actually because I couldn’t speak, i think it was the culmination of the cold i’ve been ignoring. Yesterday after I got home at 4 I slept till A got home at 8.30. I ate dinner, felt sick, went to sleep again the whole night through. I am not used to this exhaustion yet. My body was definitely ordering me to rest!

Anyway, I’ll add the pics now that make it all worthwhile.

Biffa the big one, still and head up:


And Bean, the smaller one, head down, and who gave us a wave!!!


All those still waiting for your turn: it will come. Congrats to babylopez on their BFP yesterday.

Any opinions on the eating thing? Should I try my darnedest to stock up on bodyfat?! How can I with the nausea?




  1. babylopez8410 · · Reply

    That is sooo cool!!! I cant wait til we can go in for a sonogram. And thanks for the shout out!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ they’re very cute and we love them already!

  2. Beautiful Jelly babies!!! they are already so cute : )

    1. Thank you! We think so too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It’s it amazing?
    My first OB/GYN was not specialized in twin/multiple pregnancies and regardless of everything I’d read and heard from other twin moms, she did not seem to think that eating a lot was a good idea in the first trimester. That’s because a ‘normal’ pregnancy gives you THREE. Whereas with a multiple pregnancy you are really only guaranteed two and anything past that is a crap shoot.
    When I gained 10 pounds in one month this OB/GYN actually had the nerve to lecture me about gaining too much weight. That’s when I switched to a specialist in multiple pregnancies who assured me I was right on target.
    A good goal is 25 lbs by 25 weeks. Few women gain much in the first trimester because they are always feeling like puking. You are not alone.
    I didn’t gain much until the second tri and then I packed it on, ending up 48+ by 35 weeks.
    Don’t worry too much right now. You are listening to your body and that’s the best thing.

    1. Ok. So no need to worry too much right now. When you wrote ‘THREE’ about single pregnancy, did you mean trimesters? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. They are so beautiful! I can only imagine how your heart leaped for joy seeing them both. I suppose trying to eat to the max would be ideal but if it’s making you sick I would try to steer clear for now… But I’ve never been preggers, let alone with twins, so I may not be the best person to give advice.

    1. I have been feeling a bit better and so eating a bit more ๐Ÿ™‚ I am trying ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I know, I know, enough of the reblogging already. But this is where we were at two years ago. Wowzers.

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