Almost at 12 weeks

Hiya, hope you are all well? I have just finished term today and am currently lying in bed at 4pm. The constant nausea has eased off and now seems mostly limited to the mornings between breakfast and lunch. End of term + early pregnancy =serious exhaustion. I’ve been in bed between 5 and 6.30pm this week.

Except for Tuesday when we were not home till 9.30 😦 However, on tues we had another scan and it was great reason to be late home. It was my first transabdominal scan, which did not require a ‘probe’. They scanned me from outside my tummy πŸ™‚

Biffa twin is measuring 4.5cm and Sleepy is 4.25cm.

Just for those interested, you should find a (fairly dull) video of sleepy twin –> here <–

And a video of very active Biffa twin –> here <–

At least, I hope the links work! :/

We go off for our week in Hanoi on Sunday night… We should have a lovely time, relax and do some sightseeing… Oh and give notice of our plans to be wife and wife!! On Monday we’ll also act as witnesses for some friends getting hitched. Really looking forward to all of it!

Wishing baby dust on everyone!



  1. Glad to hear the nausea has let up a little bit. I remember after my 12th week this became a whole new pregnancy! Hope you’ll feel better then too! Love that you have an active and sleepy one. Our little one is a HUGE mover can’t imagine doing it with two! Glad to hear that all is well! Wedding Bells will be ringing soon…When’s the date of your big day?!?!

    1. Yeah… We are very lucky and very excited πŸ™‚ happy that you’re half way there!! Xxx

  2. I feel like the weeks flew by for you. I can’t believe you are already twelve weeks!! Glad your feeling good!

    1. Same to you- can’t wait to see your scan!!!

  3. holy moly what great video! i cant believe that little jumping bean! you sure will have your hands full when that jumper arrives. so happy you and the babies are doing well! feel good!

    1. I think so… Such an active character. Thanks for the kind words πŸ™‚

  4. Wow! Incredible videos! WOW!!!

    1. πŸ™‚ very excited that it will be your turn soon!!!

  5. Thanks for offering relief by saying there is an end to the nausea!!! It’s a killer. Enjoy your holiday.

    1. It’s awful- I reckon us twin mums have it worse for sure! I am in Vietnam and it had totally gone until yesterday when I felt terrible after some particularly greasy food. One to avoid! It gets better! πŸ™‚

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  7. […] toward ours this afternoon). It’s so nice to help – and it made me look back at my first blog I wrote while trying to conceive – it seems a million miles away from the place we are in […]

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