Random tangents

On a random note, we got some Vegemite (the best you can get in the absence of Marmite!) yesterday. The happiness this caused me at breakfast time cannot be understated..! I suppose this is the closest I’ve had to a craving? Hot buttered toast with marmite! Heaven. I dropped the last (almost full) jar on the kitchen floor a few weeks ago… I considered trying to save it but thought no love of food was worth the risk of ingesting glass and mournfully binned it. I also swept up the glass and A was very cross. Apparently in Thai /Chinese culture while pregnant you are not permitted to do any cleaning (especially sweeping (no complaints here)), and you must not clip your nails in bed (again, no complaints, but ??)

Speaking of the Thai /Chinese cultural aspects, all being well our babies are going to be born before next Chinese new year. That means they will be born inside the year of the dragon. Apparently this is the most auspicious year of the Chinese zodiac under which to be born, and double dragons has got A’s mum bursting with excitement. So I think I might have decided on an appropriate motif (dragons) for my cover-up tattoo on my back (I have a super-crap one (mostly because the tattooist didn’t want to do it the way I wanted and ignored my instructions grrr!). Anyway that’s all after pregnancy, being a new mum to doubletrouble, and post-natal recovery are long out of the way. Told you this was going to get random. it’s about to get more so.

Last night I had the second dream recently where I have been in real danger and noone has been listening. Someone had contracted a hit man to get me. I had been attacked by him already but he had tried to strangle me in a church (I think I definitely watch too much Dexter) with my necklace but it had snapped and I had escaped. I was telling the police but they were not coming. The dream was all about his impending arrival wherever we were going and trying to stay a step ahead of him. I woke up and realised it was a dream and cried. But get this, the hitman’s contractor, I THINK, was my good friend’s homophobic dad!!! That’s buzzing around in my consciousness because this good (Thai Chinese) friend just came out to her family and they have been absolutely revolting about it. They are forcing her to relinquish all her freedom and live with them, and be single (she finally got up the guts to tell them because she finally met the right girl!) or marry one of the guys they set for her. We all felt she needed to tell her family but never imagined this would be the consequence. Feels awful. Anyway the dad says he will never accept a gay daughter, so she has to choose; family or liberty. Awful. And, this is in a country with a hugely visible gay /transgender population- but attitudes to facing up to it are akin to those you might find in UAE!!! Wake up Thailand and represent your people fairly!

I love my wonderful parents and A’s rather demanding thai-chinese mother for accepting what makes us happy.

Anyway, I digress- all of us lesbians trying to conceive- let us never forget how lucky we are to have our liberty.



  1. Sorry to hear about your friend’s family’s negative reaction to her coming out. Sadly, visibility does not equal acceptance. Thailand’s reputation as being a gay paradise is formed by those who don’t really know the country or the culture very well.

    1. I agree – in Thailand it’s all surface. The reality is very complex and riddled with contradictions. Hopefully it will catch up one day. I know there are activists preparing to draft laws to submit protecting legal unions for same sex couples. It is a start..!

  2. That totally sucks about your friend’s family. I literally cannot imagine how awful it must have been for her to contemplate coming out, and then how crushing the reaction she got must have been for her. I wish it were not so, for her or anyone else anywhere really.

    1. I don’t think she knows what to do now. It really isn’t fair and her friends are sad now too because we all felt so sure they would support her eventually but it looks like it hasn’t worked out that way. It’s incomprehensible. 😦 😦 😦

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