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 I wanted to thank all of you in this community again for all your support when things were bad.  I will still be following all your stories but posting here will be much less frequent. I needed another sphere to talk about my ongoing experiences – I don’t feel that posting all my pregnancy news here is relevant or sensitive. I am anxious about losing followers and traffic, but this blog was about getting to this point. It was about the journey and obstacles to fertility and also the risks of an unsuccessful first trimester. I know how much pain I felt month by month when I couldn’t conceive and also that it doesn’t diminish with time while you are still on that journey.

I still hope I can be of help as information source for lesbians and gay couples living in Bangkok or nearby in Asia – but given the sensitivity of doctors about their clinics’ willingness to help I am uncertain about creating an information page about this. Please just ask and I will private message any info I have. I currently know of just two options for Thai citizens in Bangkok, but for foreigners there is at least one further option.   If you have experience with this I would really like to hear from you in writing about where you had your fertility treatment, whether you were able to be candid about your same-sex realtionship throughout treatment. I won’t be publishing any information without informing you.   I know of two other readers who conceived here in Bangkok – please can you email me with details of your story? I hope both of you know I am talking to you! I will also be happy to help with any request for information regarding Civil Partnerships in Hanoi – though you can find information here already by clicking the tab above with the same name.

I hope that many of you will wish to follow my story from hereon in, and please do so at Double Trouble Bangkok

Thank you for following, this blog provided me with an unbelievably supportive network of women who understand the emotional turmoil of ttc. You really kept me sane.

Love R




  1. Hi!

    Thanks for an amazing and helpful blog! I would like to know more about the possibilities of a lesbian couple having a baby in Bangkok, since we are planning to do the same.. Please contact me! 🙂

    1. Hello! Can you email me? I’ll share everything I know with you then 🙂

      1. Hello! We are a lesbian couple looking to go to Bangkok to get pregnant (with a known sperm donor, perhaps starting with IUI) – we’re still in need of a lot of information and would love your recommendations on doctors and clinics to consider. Could you please email me with some ideas to get started? Thanks so much. 🙂

      2. I can’t email you at the moment as I don’t have an address for you. Look at my contacts page for mine, and I can reply to you 🙂
        Happy to help if I can

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