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WE are no longer in Bangkok but you can still contact me if you are in need of information – things seem to be more difficult with regards to single women finding fertility treatment these days. Similarly, if you are a recent success story, I’d love to hear from you, so that my own information is up to date and accurate.

I have recently realised that my own fertilised and frozen embryos may now no longer be available to me, if no fertility treatment is allowed to single women (unfortunately our civil partnership is still not recognised in any way in Thailand).

I will be doing some finding out and will update here.

The reason things have tightened right up is related to the events surrounding twins born to a Thai surrogate last year. Gammy’s Autralian parents left him with the Thai surrogate and took his twin. They rejected him becuase he was born with Downs syndrome. What a shame that this has resulted in a blanket ban on help for loving individuals and couples wanting fertility treatment.

For info about ‘Gammygate’:

Gammy and other surrogacy scandals

Aus citizenship granted

In the meantime, you can find what we are doing now in Prague.


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