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11 Questions :)

I got this tag-post from Jen at the Future Fords. It’s just a bit of fun, and a distraction from ttc. I don’t know if you’ll be interested in the answers I have given, or interested in sharing some things about yourself if I linked to you, but ttc things here are a bit boring […]

Negative number 4.

Yup. Negative. Taking a break in jan to stop me cracking up! That is terribly frustrating in itself, but a good idea, I think. Our donor is really unhappy at work and has started smoking weed. I’m also really concerned about that. Take note that those suppositories give you a LOT of false positive signs […]

Precipice number 4. + or – ?

Hey all, how are you? I’ll tell you how I am; on the edge of an abyss about to fall in. It sounds dramatic, but that’s cos it is; I am pumped full of hormones and about to find out the answer to this life-changing question for the fourth time. I wish I could take […]

Attack of the Zs

Well it seemed to set in yesterday, this exhaustion I am feeling. I was full of beans all the way up to 6 days post IUI. Today is 7 days post IUI, it’s only 11.42 am and I am dead on my feet. The timing makes this sudden change quite exciting; although every one of […]

Number 4

So i am here again in our lovely familiar clinic! No more hopping about between different venues (hurrah!). Exciting news; talked to my doctor last Saturday when he did the ultrasound and we came to the agreement to do the double IUI. It was funny; he told me as he did last time I asked […]

The ‘Why???!!!’ feeling.

I feel ok now but think there is a hint of a rising panic in my chest. The question in my body, from my head to my toes, is, “Why isn’t it working?”. I think that once I have had an unsuccessful cycle #4, that panic is going to start slowly rising like the Bangkok […]

A visit from my red friend.

Hells bells. Initially i thought it was maybe “spotting” (no idea what that looks like) because it is 5 days early! However, it keeps coming. 😦