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Week 7

Doc wanted to do anther scan as he hadn’t seen for himself. I wasn’t going to argue. The fruits are now both about 1cm in length and looking strong! It was really amazing how much bigger they looked and how much stronger the heartbeats were. Absolutely amazing. I took a video too but don’t know how to […]

Double trouble: week 6

As our doc was away for our week 6 appointment, he wanted us to have the scan on Sunday once he has returned. However, when we arrived early at the clinic old-lady-nurse asked us if we preferred to have it on this visit…. Erm, no brainer really! First scan is usually done on week 6… […]

5 weeks along

A little bit of pregnancy news; I am now in the 6th week and apparently this is the time when the embryo spurts from the size of an orange pip to the size of a blueberry.  Dr (not usual Dr as he is away being an amazing Dr abroad) has told me the only exercise […]

It’s happened.

Well, I still can’t believe it, exactly, so I am allowing some time to digest it. I am also hyper aware of fragility in there… but SO FAR We are pregnant. I hoped we were, obviously, and I was wondering whether this time I was feeling somehow ‘different’ or whether that was my imagination. Thanks […]


The suspense is driving me bonkers. We have tested each morning and were really excited on day 12, but day 13 and 14 were no darker and I have been cramping, so I don’t know if my body is rejecting the embryos or not. Only a few hours now till we are going to know […]


For those of you who don’t know the silly acronyms, I peed on a stick. Two last night and one this morning (so I peed on some sticks (POSS (but that isn’t a real acronym). These are my mail order pee-sticks which I got from eBay. They are cheap but apparently the ones the NHS […]

Today it’s 9DP FET, right?

“9DP FET” = 9 days post frozen embryo transfer. I am absolutely knackered but the heat has gone down a bit now. It is about 33 in the daytime now and yesterday was cloudy. O_O WOW! I have no idea what, if anything, is going on in my tummy, but A has been massaging my […]