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Illness, travel and milestones

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. I want to cover our trip to Vietnam, and the pregnancy and my illness all in one post- it’s quite tricky to write nicely on an iPhone due to the teeny screen, but I still haven’t had a chance to fix the computer. Unfortunately I’m writing from […]

Random tangents

On a random note, we got some Vegemite (the best you can get in the absence of Marmite!) yesterday. The happiness this caused me at breakfast time cannot be understated..! I suppose this is the closest I’ve had to a craving? Hot buttered toast with marmite! Heaven. I dropped the last (almost full) jar on […]

Almost at 12 weeks

Hiya, hope you are all well? I have just finished term today and am currently lying in bed at 4pm. The constant nausea has eased off and now seems mostly limited to the mornings between breakfast and lunch. End of term + early pregnancy =serious exhaustion. I’ve been in bed between 5 and 6.30pm this […]

9 and a half weeks.

Blood. Scary stuff. I am bleeding. I was lying down with the amazing book my mum sent after my walk home from work. I felt fine and went to the toilet… Blood. Red, new blood. I wiped and there was more. I looked at my watch and saw it was around 6pm. My mind was […]

Jelly babies

I get a little confused about the passing of time, because as soon as you’ve hit a number of weeks, you are in the new one. If I know that I’ll hit 12 weeks on tues July 3rd, then counting back, I am 9 weeks but I’m in week 10. So, this tues (the 9 […]

Week 8 (or “I can’t believe it!”)

Gosh. I am very tired and a little bit sad about feeling constantly unwell. My darling A is really helping but it is almost 8pm on my day off and I am completely destroyed. My ute is aching slightly and my head is aching a lot, my food won’t go down and i feel like […]

Week 7

Doc wanted to do anther scan as he hadn’t seen for himself. I wasn’t going to argue. The fruits are now both about 1cm in length and looking strong! It was really amazing how much bigger they looked and how much stronger the heartbeats were. Absolutely amazing. I took a video too but don’t know how to […]