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To say that mummy AW’s long time best friend is competitive is perhaps the understatement of the year so far. We considered and rejected her offer of her husband’s sperm, and I’m now starting to appreciate the reasons for AW’s immediate stricken conviction that it would be A…

WE are no longer in Bangkok but you can still contact me if you are in need of information – things seem to be more difficult with regards to single women finding fertility treatment these days. Similarly, if you are a recent success story, I’d love to hear from you, so that my own information […]

I was really saddened to hear that our dr no longer treats single women since that ridiculous Australian couple took one of their twins and left the one with down-syndrome for his impoverished birth mother to deal with. That is all.

Firstly, I would like to tell you that here is another Thai /Eng couple (my friends!) who are just in the first stages of pregnancy now through our Dr. Here is there blog… It is VERY exciting at the moment… They have just got their BFP and the numbers are going up very fast…! Faster […]

Click >here< for what is happening now to our little family!

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Last Sunday I went to a really interesting workshop about same-sex unions and families in Thailand. A friend of mine, P’Tang has headed up this organisation for years and is really trying to get some momentum going. The topics covered were the various struggles couples have faced regarding their same-sex orientation with respect to raising a family, […]

Here is the new blog link for exciting stories such as “My skin is bad!”; “My bump is growing!” and “We escaped a fire!”. Just click the picture:  I wanted to thank all of you in this community again for all your support when things were bad.  I will still be following all your stories […]

Hey everyone, Spent quite some time setting up a new blog today. I just feel that perhaps this isn’t the most sensitive or appropriate place to post all the finer details of my pregnancy. We have arrived at the point we never dared dream we would be, and from now on we are focused on […]

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. I want to cover our trip to Vietnam, and the pregnancy and my illness all in one post- it’s quite tricky to write nicely on an iPhone due to the teeny screen, but I still haven’t had a chance to fix the computer. Unfortunately I’m writing from […]